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Facebook is one of the social network has the fastest growth today to assess the page rank ranking worldwide reputation Alexa.Com announced 2nd place worldwide and 3rd in Vietnam. Only within the last few years since he founded in 2004 unconsolidated student Mark Zuckerberg , the rate of growth in coverage of Facebook has spread around the world and now according to statistics in the world with more than 800 million accounts are used. A number that is worth making people pay attention

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Download Facebook  the machine and install it on your computer and then you will see the main interface screen bar Sign In Facebook as you click on the photo reads: " Sign up Facebook " to conduct set up a Facebook account
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First Facebook will give notice: "By registering, you agree with Terms of Facebook and you've read Privacy Policy of us, including Use of cookies . You can cancel receive SMS notifications from Facebook and receive alerts can be canceled at any time. "To register you need to prepare one account Email ( Tips: Ideally you to create an account Gmail for safe and convenient use ) then you enter your personal information Now let's connect with friends and share messages, pictures of you right now what
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